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Pearls of wisdom from the shows philosophisers!

"I'm not immortal yet. What's mortal must die and i hate that idea.." (Monkey)

"Oh Look... a woman!" (Pigsy)

"It's a cheerful philosophy and i've heard it from people before. They're all dead now though" (Sandy)

"Let me out. 500 years under a mountain is enough. A joke is a joke!" (Monkey)

"Just because you're a Dragon it doesn't make you better than me."

"A boy priest all too human, a water monster once Commander of the Heavenly host and, in the midst of beauty, the ugliness which lust used to make an angel... into a pig -- Three of the four called by their karma to save the world. The fourth, least qualified of all perhaps, is of course.. Monkey "

"Alright, let battle commense! Wine and... bananas. Bring on the dancing girls." (Monkey)

"Defeated, the God of Fertility turned over a new leaf. This is why, today, very few men have babies." (Narrator)

"Grow Stick... grow again stick... grow nice and large again for King Monkey." (Monkey)

"The Great Chinese Sage, Lao Tzu said words that are beautiful are seldom true." (Narrator)

"The Jade Emperor was visiting his...'good friend'... the Star goddess Vega, on... erm, 'business matters." (Narrator)

"And you know eating babies isn't good manners, don't you?" (Monkey)

"There's nothing so stubborn as a Buddhist, nothing so stupid as a priest. I mean, what's he worshipping? Gods? I met the gods - bloody boring bunch!" (Monkey)

Monkey Magic Video Clips - Enjoy

Some of my favourite clips from the Monkey series. I'll be uploading more on a regular basis (or at least thats the plan !!) but these clips devour bandwidth like a hungry demon! A small donation would help keep me drunk, erm, i mean keep this site going, or perhaps you could buy something from here and make the Great Sage cock-a-hoop! Good Karma is also gratefully accepted.

Hugs and kisses ... MONKEY.

Clip one - Monkey fights Pigsy at Cloud Ladder Cave on Mount Fu-Ling
Clip two - Monkey gets his Magic Wishing Staff and a meeting with the outrageously 'flirty' Dragon Princess
Clip three - Monkey Tribute video but together by me! Background music is a bangin' remix of AC/DC classic ' Highway to Hell' - seemed like the logical choice at the time! It's a little bit old and crusty - it was done some time ago - but captures the essence of the show quite well (i think).
Clip four - Monkey's Taoist magician transformattion
Clip five - '500 years under a mountain.. i'm dying for a good fight' - need i say more?
Clip six - Monkey tricks Pigsy into having a little sing song - Tripitaka is not impressed.
Clip seven - While fighting the Ghost Tiger Leader, Monkey 'takes one in the Goolies'.
Clip eight - The lazy swine thinks his luck is in when the yocals crown him 'King Pigsy' - it doesn't last long !
Clip nine - Sandy creates a 'disguise' for Tripitakla which is shabby to say the least. Monkey gives the holy fool a makeover that has Pigsy drooling!
Clip ten - The water of small blessings - has men doing things that men just shouldn't be able to do.
Clip eleven - Slugs - Yuk - 'nuff said
Clip twelve - The disciples take 'the Test' to decide their guest status. Monkey was good, pigsy was bad, Sandy was worse - no change there then!
Clip thirteen - Monkey goes searching for the 'idiot priest'.

"I'm not immortal yet! What's mortal
must die and i hate that idea
King Monkey