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Pearls of wisdom from the shows philosophisers!

"I'm not immortal yet. What's mortal must die and i hate that idea.." (Monkey)

"Oh Look... a woman!" (Pigsy)

"It's a cheerful philosophy and i've heard it from people before. They're all dead now though" (Sandy)

"Let me out. 500 years under a mountain is enough. A joke is a joke!" (Monkey)

"Just because you're a Dragon it doesn't make you better than me."

"A boy priest all too human, a water monster once Commander of the Heavenly host and, in the midst of beauty, the ugliness which lust used to make an angel... into a pig -- Three of the four called by their karma to save the world. The fourth, least qualified of all perhaps, is of course.. Monkey "

"Alright, let battle commense! Wine and... bananas. Bring on the dancing girls." (Monkey)

"Defeated, the God of Fertility turned over a new leaf. This is why, today, very few men have babies." (Narrator)

"Grow Stick... grow again stick... grow nice and large again for King Monkey." (Monkey)

"The Great Chinese Sage, Lao Tzu said words that are beautiful are seldom true." (Narrator)

"The Jade Emperor was visiting his...'good friend'... the Star goddess Vega, on... erm, 'business matters." (Narrator)

"And you know eating babies isn't good manners, don't you?" (Monkey)

"There's nothing so stubborn as a Buddhist, nothing so stupid as a priest. I mean, what's he worshipping? Gods? I met the gods - bloody boring bunch!" (Monkey)

Quotes and music from Monkey.
left click to play - right click to download.

Monkey : Intro (800 kb)

Words :

In the Worlds before Monkey,
Primal chaos reigned, Heaven sought order.
But the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown.
The four worlds formed again and yet again,
As endless aeons wheeled and passed.
Time and the pure essences of Heaven,
The moistures of the Earth,
And the powers of the Sun and the Moon
All worked upon a certain rock - old as Creation,
And it magically became fertile.
That first egg was named Thought,
Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha,
Said, 'With our thoughts we make the world.'
Elemantal forces caused the egg to hatch,
from it then came a stone Monkey.
The nature of Monkey was irrepressable!  

Godiego : Monkey Magic theme tune (3•99 mb)


Born from an egg on a mountain top,
Funkiest Monkey that ever popped,
He knew every magic trick under the sun,
Tease the Gods and everyone can have some fun.
Monkey magic, Monkey magic,
Monkey magic, Monkey magic,
Monkey magic, Monkey magic ooh!

What a cocky, saucey Monkey this one is.
All the Gods were angry and they punished him.
Until he was saved by a kindly priest,
And that was the start of their pilgrimage quest.
Monkey magic, Monkey magic,
Monkey magic, Monkey magic,
Monkey magic, Monkey magic,
Monkey magic, Monkey magic ooh!  

Godiego : Gandhara (Closing song) (4•3 mb)


A long time ago, when men were all babes,
There was a land of the free.
Fantasy and dreams were it's untouched wealth,
And goodness and love were real.
Each man desires to reach Gandhara,
His very own Utopia,
In the striving and the seeking soul,
Man can see Gandhara.

In Gandhara, Gandhara they say it was in India,
Gandhara, Gandhara the place of life Gandhara.
Gandhara, Gandhara they say it was in India,
Gandhara, Gandhara the place of life Gandhara.

Though long ago and far
Beyond the winding road
Always beyond every bend
A beautiful land still waits for the few
Who make it to the very end
Each man desires to reach Gandhara
His very own utopia
In the striving, in the seeking soul
Man can see Gandhara

In Gandhara, Gandhara
They say it was in India
Gandhara, Gandhara
The place of light Gandhara

Clips from the show.

Narrator :
Sandy :
Monkey :
COWARD !! (231 kb)
Pigsy :
Tripitaka :

About Godiego:

The band that performed the Monkey theme.* Details here

Other Audio

There are dozens of terrible 'Monkey Magic' remixes and cover versions out there, most of them so bad they're not even worth the webspace... no names mentioned... you know who you are! The following is the best of the crop, in my opinion:

Monkey Magic dance remix by Soko: (4•6 mb)
Released on AATW (All around the world) records in 1999.

12 inch vinyl version

Monkey magic dance mix by Soko
"I'm not immortal yet! What's mortal
must die and i hate that idea
King Monkey