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Pearls of wisdom from the boring one:

"Now where's that spell against amphibious apes?" (Sandy)

"It's a cheerful philosophy and i've heard it from people before. They're all dead now though" (Sandy)

"As a child you were a stupid idiot..that hasn't changed!" (Sandy's Father)

"I know I'm equal to any hundred, of course, but what if we meet a hundred and one?" (Sandy)

"Something serious has occurred - what else would keep that swine from his lunch?" (Sandy)

"Hot water's bad for you... Unless you're a cabbage!" (Sandy)

"I think a bald patch is essential. Monkey has too much hair to be wise." (Sandy)

"Aha, a flaw in the bright armour of democracy!" (Sandy)

"It's generally known that humans have thirty-two teeth, and the number in demons varies. The stupider demons are easily identified by the number of teeth they've got... only twelve in Pigsy's mouth." (Sandy)

"An eel! I hate eels!" (Sandy)

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aka Sha Wujing

sandy - shiro kishibe
Also known as: Water Monster, Fish Spirit, Commander of the heavenly host, Sha Wujing in Chinese, Sha Gojo in Japanese.
The River of Flowing Sands
Features: Bald patch and a necklace of nine human skulls.
Weapon: Water Staff.
Skills: Bojutsu.
Favourite Phrase: "Oh do shut up !"
About me: Believe it or not, i'm a kind of mischievous water spirit called a Kappa. The Kappa delights in playing tricks on people and generally causing bother. I have a small indentation on the top of my head, i'm sure you've noticed, which contains water.  If there is no water there then the Kappa Loses its magical powers. The easiest way to defeat a Kappa is to do a very Japanese thing and bow. Being such a mild mannered and polite creature, the Kappa must reply with a bow therefore spilling the water and rendering him powerless. Oops, i shouldn't have told you that should i? You're not a demon are you? oh dear...
Dislikes: Eels. They're disgusting. I hate eels!
Reference from Buddha: 'Sandy symbolizes sincerity or whole-heartedness - He is the most obedient, logical, and polite of the three disciples. He is a patient servant as well as being extremely strong (he carries the disciples luggage!) and is able to breathe underwater, though, to be honest, he wouldn’t be my first choice if I had to pick one of the three to back me up in a Demon battle! He is often the mediator between his bickering 'brothers', a sort of metaphorical glue that holds them all together. Sandy retains some of his magical abilities from when he worked in Heaven and is also a skilled alchemist.'
About the actor: Sandy was played by actor Shiro Kishibe. Born 7th June 1949 in Kyoto. He declared bankruptcy in 2001 due to different cases of business failure and once famously (and jokingly) claimed to be one of Japan’s top table tennis (ping pong) players.
Before Kishibe was an actor, he was a bass guitarist, and sometimes vocalist, in a Japanese band called The Tigers along with Kenji Sawada, Minoru Hitomi, Taro Morimoto and his older brother Osami Kishibe.
Outside of Japan the group are probably most famous for a song they sang by the Bee Gees called  ‘Smile for me ’ ...
It was released as a 7” single (Rain Falls On The Lonely / Smile For Me) by Polydor in the UK in July 1969, and appeared on the "Tigers' beat" album, released in Japan also by Polydor and also in 1969. But this wasn't the first time it was heard .....
The song was written by Barry and Maurice Gibb.. Yes….THE Bee Gees, and Barry sang lead vocals on a version of the song which was recorded in January 1968, at IBC Studios in London, but it was never released.
Smile for me was rewritten for the Tigers and recorded in London, with Barry's uncredited help in June 1969, though he is pictured with the tigers on the sleeve of the single. Kenji Sawada sang lead vocals.
Smile for me
Don't let me see you crying
For you must keep on trying
To pretend that you don't care

Smile for me
If only for a moment
And even though I'm far away
My heart will stay with you

One moment of sadness
Brings you gladness
And you will learn
While I'm away
You must pray for my return

Smile for me
If only for a moment
And even though I'm far away
My heart will stay with you

One moment of sadness
Brings you gladness
And you will learn
While I'm away
You must pray for my return

Smile for me
Though there's no need for sorrow
Just wait until tomorrow
I'm home again
So, smile for me
For me
For me
You can check out the original Tigers website HERE
Shiro Kishibe official website/blog HERE

Uk tv voice-over: Gareth Armstrong :
Gareth Armstrong (born 28 September 1948) is a British actor.
His television credits include: Z Cars, Doctor Who (in the serial The Masque of Mandragora), Blake's 7, The Professionals, Terry and June, One Foot in the Grave, Casualty and EastEnders.
On the stage he has appeared in productions of Shakespeare on numerous occasions, including the role of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice. He has also toured internationally in his own one-man show Shylock; Shakespeare's principal Jewish character is seen from the viewpoint of Tubal, the Bard's only other Jewish character and Shylock's only friend in the original play. On radio, he has played three recurring roles in The Archers on Radio 4 including Sean Myerson, the publican of the Cat and Fiddle and the serial's first regular gay character.
"I'm not immortal yet! What's mortal
must die and i hate that idea
King Monkey