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Pearls of wisdom from the Buddha:

"The jewel at the heart of the Lotus, dwells in the breasts of all men equally." (Buddha)

"The difference between a human and an ape is boredom." (Buddha)

Buddha: "Tripitaka, pick up this sword and kill the child!"
Tripitaka: "But I'm a Buddhist!"
Buddha: "I know. Oddly enough, so am I."

"Buddha! Pit the kettle on, here we come!" (Monkey)

"You're the Buddha? I thought you were a fella!" (Monkey)

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Played by
Mieko Takamine

From: Temple of the Great Thunderclap
Features: As tall as the sky
Weapons: Words of Wisdom (aka confusion)
Skills: The ability to completely baffle you with a single quote, has achieved perfect enlightenment, Able to point the way to Nirvana.  
Traits: Knows everything...about everything, and is everywhere...all the time !!
Phrase: "The jewel at the heart of the Lotus dwells in the breasts of all men equally."
Details: Buddha or the Buddha, is the title given to Siddhartha Gautama, founder of Buddhism, now revered as a divine being. He lived in India from around 563 to around 483 B.C. The title means “Enlightened One” or “Awakened One.” As such, it is often applied by Buddhists not only to Siddhartha but to all who attain his state of mind - a state that is said to bring a perception of the true nature of reality and a release from the need for additional lives. Bodhisattva is a related title for one who has become enlightened but remains on earth to help others toward that goal.
After imprisoning Monkey under five peaked mountain for 500 years, she then decides that he is the one to guard the holy man on his journey to collect the Great Vehicle Scriptures.
About the actor: Buddha was played by Mieko Takamine. Born  2nd December 1918 in Takanawa, Tokyo. She was a successful actress and singer, making her film debut in 1936, and was, surprisingly, 61 years old when she took on the role of Buddha. She Died  27th May 1990, aged 71.
Uk tv voice-over: Cecile Chevreau
"I'm not immortal yet! What's mortal
must die and i hate that idea
King Monkey