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Pearls of wisdom from the smelly one:

"She's so delicious i could drink her bath water" (Pigsy)

"Without ears or feet, what will become of us? We won't be able to hear ourselves walking!" (Pigsy)

"Oh Look, a woman." (Pigsy)

"Pigsy is a long way from the enlightenment which transcends humanity. He is a long way too from the bottom of the cliff down which he is about to fall." (Narrator)

"Is your daughter pretty? I mean, i'm only asking before i rescue someone who looks like a crows armpit." (Pigsy)

"I wasn't built for labour, I'm an intellectual, I work with my head." (Pigsy) "Right, carry the rocks on your head!" (Monkey)

"Corr ! You're just my type... my type exactly... a woman" (Pigsy)

"Everybody knows the world is held up on the back of a giant turtle!" (Pigsy)

"It was Monkey was it? I shall bash that hairy ape the very next time I catch him not looking." (Pigsy)

"Oi! Hail, King of Kings! Time to get out of bed now! Two non-entities want to speak to the King of Pimples!" - (Pigsy)

"I took a first step; I saw your lips. I took the next; I smelled your body. With the third I saw your... anyway, I thought I must come back." (Pigsy)

"Presently, he was a pig spirit changed into a little girl pretending to be a little boy to be offered to a water monster. It was all very simple to a pig spirit." (Narrator)

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aka Zhu Bajie

pigsy - toshiyuki nishida
Also known as: Pig spirit, Stupid swine, Lord hog, Martial of the Heavenly host, Zhu Bajie in Chinese, Cho Hakkai in Japanese.
Address: Cloud Ladder Cave on Mount Fu-ling.
Features: Large, pointed pig ears, Pig-snouted on occasions, Able to consume vast quantities of food in mere seconds. 
Weapon: Muck-rake - forged in the furnace of Lau Tzu.
Skills: Bojutsu. Not sure the inability to woo ANY female is a skill, but if it is, he's got it!
Favourite phrase: "You're just my type, my type exactly... a woman!"
About me: My Chinese name, Zhu Ba Jie (or Ba Jie for short) translates as Pig or Piggy, but for the TV show they gave me the more catchy name Pigsy, which i quite like. I was once a General in Heaven, commanding the Heavenly armies. I must admit, i do have a penchant for beautiful women and made a big mistake by getting a bit too friendly with the Moon Princess, the little tease! The angry Gods punished me by throwing me down into the mortal world, re-incarnated as a beautiful, handsome, well mannered Pig Monk - though that ignorant Monkey will probably say i'm big, fat, rude and will most other people.
But how could i possibly be all of those things and still be so attractive to the opposite sex?'t i ?
Dislikes: Work, Monkey (only sometimes though), work, Journeys to India, bathtime, and ..erm.. work.
Reference from Buddha: 'Pigsy symbolizes the physical appetites - lust and gluttony - a craving for physical pleasures such as sleep, food and...erm... Well, I’ll put it this way - White Bone Demon gets him into trouble by appearing as a beautiful village girl and enticing him away from his friends.. No prizes for guessing what he had in mind !! He is also a lazy swine!'
(Some reference.. Thanks for nothing Buddha! Pigsy.) 
Work experience: Previously Commander of the Heavenly Host (God, i loved that job, boo-hoo). Still, i mustn't grumble. I'm now a full time Lothario and sex symbol ('what?'.. Monkey) - i have to beat the women off with a stick some days - it's true. As you can see... I AM irresistable!
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"I'm not immortal yet! What's mortal
must die and i hate that idea
King Monkey