FAQ : Where can i find .... ?

Probably the most frequently asked question i receive is "where can i find ... (insert Monkey related item here)?"

Some people are looking for sound effects that aren't already on this site, or want to know where they can buy the Monkey dvd boxed set - (that one's easy... you can buy it here.) or Monkey Magic costumes and other related stuff.

So to make your lives so much easier at the expense of my sanity (what bit i have left!) i'm gonna do some digging to see if i can find suppliers for the most sought after Monkey stuff. I'll report back with my findings.

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Q : Where can i hire 'Monkey' costumes in the UK?

A : A nice chap called Richard Walker from Fabulous Films has the full set of Monkey costumes for hire - Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka.
I don't know how much he charges or whether he'll post them to you, but i know he'll need a fat deposit, refundable on return of the costume (un-damaged, of course). You can contact him HERE.
Costumes were still available last time I checked (28th November 2007).
Please mention this site (www.greatsage.net) when contacting him.

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